NZ Gardener - 2021-10-01




1 ‘Limelight’ Large flowerheads that open lime green and can remain so for some time, depending on climate and shade. 2 ‘Glyn Church’ A new release bred by Glyn Church, this hardy plant is tolerant of most soils, and best in light shade. 3 ‘Snowflake’ Well-shaped bush with double flowers that dry well for winter display. A strong constitution. 4 ‘Lilacina’ A lacecap, hardy and tolerant of sun or shade, and does best in moist but well-drained soil. 5 ‘Lollipop’ A new variety, the compact plant has small, tightly packed mopheads. As flowers mature, they become two-toned. 6 ‘Gentian’ This mophead blooms up to 25cm across and does best in acid soils. Excellent for cutting and drying. 7 ‘Mathilda Gutges’ In high demand and described by Woodleigh Nursery as one of the best blue hydrangeas. This intensely blue variety suits smaller gardens. 8 ‘Together’ A mophead type that produces hundreds of double star-shaped flowers. Grows well in a pot. 9 ‘Bloody Marvellous’ Medium-sized shrub. May be a little tender; give it light shade to prevent petal burn. 10 ‘Paris’ Suitable for pots and containers, this low-growing variety needs acid soil to bring out its stunning red hue. 11 ‘Saturn’ Also a compact variety, this mophead needs light shade to prevent burning. 12 ‘Coral’ Another tidy and compact variety, it is said to be a reliable stunner too, with colour palette combination shifting through the season.


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