NZ Gardener - 2021-10-01


Build a Vegepod this Labour Weekend


If you don’t have much space in your garden or only have paved areas, a container garden like a Vegepod is the perfect way to add some beautiful greenery, herbs, or veges to your outdoor living space. Even if you do have a large garden, containers can be one of the best ways to plant herbs and vegetables – or even flowers, without having to dig up your yard. Here are a few of the benefits we’d like you to know about the Vegepod: PEST PROTECTION The Vegepod’s mesh cover is a barrier which prevents animals, birds or insects from perching on your plants and munching away. This eliminates the need for sprays to keep insects and pests away, giving you wholesome, spray-free harvests. SELF-WATERING EFFICIENCY Vegepods have a self-watering system, so you won’t accidentally water too much or too little. With irrigation from above and wicking reservoirs below, your plants will be perfectly watered all year round. The nutrients from the soil are recycled so you don’t need to keep feeding your plants as regularly as other container gardens. There are also drainage and overflow holes to prevent flooding. BACK-BREAKING SAVIOUR If you get the Vegepod stand or wheel trolley, the extra height means bending over is eliminated. The wheels also give you the opportunity to easily move your Vegepod garden around to gain optimal sunlight exposure or keep it close to your kitchen for easy access while you’re cooking. LONGER PLANTING SEASONS The Vegepod cover regulates temperatures so the strict rules of planting seasons don’t have to be followed as carefully. This is great if you are a beginner gardener and aren’t really sure when to plant what, or if you simply want more out of your growing seasons. HARVEST BOUNTY You are spoiled for choice – fruit, veges, herbs and flowers can all be planted in your Vegepod. So, get the kids or grandchildren involved this Labour Weekend. Build a Vegepod – it clips together like Lego – and get growing. Vegepods are available to buy online or in 120 stores nation-wide. For more information or to purchase a pod visit or phone 07 985 6097.


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