NZ Gardener - 2021-10-01


Level 4 bounty of wood


We have a one-hectare garden planted mostly in trees and can relate to the piece from Robert Guyton, Light My Fire (July) and Jack Hobbs’ story, Editing My Garden (September). Here are our prunings from fig, coastal banksia, tōtara, crabapple, oak, lemon, akeake, pittosporum, griselina and paulownia. This annual prune fuels our New Zealand-made Pyroclassic woodburner. My husband, like most Kiwi blokes, has long had a love affair with his chainsaw. His other love is the log splitter he gave me for my birthday. Safety note: Gary has qualifications in chainsaw safety and basic tree felling. These courses are often available at your local polytechnic. Carol Lodge, Te Awamutu


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