NZ Gardener - 2021-10-01


Here’s my Coelogyne cristata


In July 2019, you helped me identify this orchid, and asked for a photo when it flowered. Well two years on, here are its first flowers. Nova Burt, Karamea My first shadehouse Prior to lockdown, the kitset shadehouse arrived and my husband has been erecting it over this latest lockdown. We levelled the site and built a new fence around where it is being erected. We were able to use part of our cattle yards so didn’t need to buy any timber. Today, we plan to put the roof on. I am so looking forward to getting a headstart on spring seedling growth – a local garden tour is coming here in November! I am looking for lots of colour to plant in our Tōtara Tree Walkway and the newly developed walkway with its water wheel, fountain, stream, bridge and well. I have been growing cuttings to plant out these areas. Friends have also been donating plants. Watch this space, as I now need to learn how to manage my first shadehouse, so any tips are welcome. Barbara Cridge, Taupō


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