Cuisine - 2018-01-01




Recipes & food styling Ginny Grant / Photography Aaron McLean

Ginny Grant’s Quick Fix, This Weekend and Have You Tried ALL I WANT FROM summer is sun, sand, plenty of beach swims and good company to enjoy it with. Easy meals are the order of the day, along with the clever use of leftovers. The pistachio sauce for the zucchini fritters below is basically a type of pesto, so it’s also great for tossing through pasta with some favourite summer vegetables. When I don’t have enough basil to make it, I might use some rocket or spinach in its place. The same versatility goes for the tuna mayonnaise in the pork tonnato on page 30 – it makes far more than is required, but I love it tossed through boiled new potatoes for a quick potato salad. The weekend project is pot-roasted Italian-style pork. I use either a shoulder or a leg here – bone in will give more flavour. It may seem like a wintry dish to cook over summer, but I’d eat it at room temperature rather than piping hot. It’s great for a crowd and the low, slow cooking makes it a relatively easy prospect. A tray bake such as the chicken one overleaf is always welcome at this time of year, and add a couple of good salads to go with a steak or some fish, and summer is complete.


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