Cuisine - 2018-01-01




IT COULD BE considered a feat to please the discerning palate of Noma chef Rene Redzepi, but that prospect doesn’t seem so hard once you’ve delved into the pages of his wife Nadine Levi Redzepi’s new book. The mother-ofthree, who also works at Noma, makes a compelling argument for entertaining friends and family regularly. Her recipes are aimed at the serious home cook, and will no doubt have you experimenting with flavours and learning new techniques. Simplicity mixed with bold flavours is what it’s all about, but nothing is dumbed down. Starting with the humble potato, the recipes that follow are anything but – the likes of potato crisps with salmon tartare, and brussels sprouts with potato cups with beurre blanc and roe – and things only get richer and tastier as the pages turn. While there is obviously mention of Noma and its success throughout, this book would be just as brilliant if it had nothing to do with the restaurant.


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