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Metaxa starts out like a brandy, with a variety of distillates made from Greek dry white wines. After ageing in Limousin oak casks, the distillates are blended and mixed with muscat wine from Samos and Limnos. Finally, a secret recipe of Mediterranean herbs, floral extracts and rose petals is added and the blend left to age in oak. HOW TO ENJOY IT Metaxa is very versatile. The Star styles can be served on the rocks, with no more than two ice cubes, served simply with lemonade or tonic water or used in classic cocktails such as Manhattans, side cars and mojitos, or more elaborate concoctions. The premium varieties Private Reserve, Angels’ Treasure and the astonishing AEN are best served as a digestif. Take your time with them, and enjoy every note and flavour – you’ll be well rewarded. WHERE TO FIND IT Metaxa is available in New Zealand through various web retailers and liquor stores including glengarrywines.co.nz, vinofino.co.nz, whiskyandmore.co.nz and regionalwines.co.nz. METAXA SPRITZ The Clumsies Bar in Athens shared this recipe. 70ml sparkling wine 50ml Metaxa 5 Star splash of grapefruit juice lemon and/or orange peel and celery to garnish (optional) Put 2 ice cubes in a wine glass. Add the wine, Metaxa and grapefruit juice and stir lightly. Garnish with lemon and/ or orange peel and a stick of celery.