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BEING A CHILD of a mother who loves cooking and eating, I’ve grown up surrounded by food. I have memories of my mother buying copies of Cuisine magazine, gathering inspiration, to transform her weekday meals into weekday delights! Her passion for food was passed down to me, so when I moved out of the family home, I started buying copies in the hope that I could one day nail the recipes you showcase. Your Christmas issue has encouraged me to try out some recipes, and Fiona’s apricot doughnut trifle (185:78) sounds divine! Thanks for continuing to create beautiful content and for encouraging the foodie to come out in all of us! Natasha Walthall, via email Editor’s note: Natasha, you and your mum sound like us! Let us know how the trifle turns out. Kel JUST THOUGHT I’D drop you a quick note and say thank you for consistently providing top-quality content in your magazine. Firstly, I have to mention the covers. Fiona Smith’s doughnut trifles were absolutely delightful. The seasonal recipes popping up in Cuisine have been a real treat. We have enjoyed trying a few of the writers’ recipes and the hints you provide are taking our kitchen efforts to a whole new level. It truly is pleasing to see New Zealand’s food scene develop into something we can all be proud of! Luke Burgess, via email THE STUNNING CUISINE Christmas edition has just arrived in Australia. I am truly in awe of you, team Cuisine. The redesign and evolving mag content now reminds me of Architectural Digest, which to me is the most elegant mag ever. Keep them coming. Tom Robb, Victoria ONLY CUISINE would write in bright pink lettering the word “relax!” with 14 finely stemmed glasses looking very festive, dry ice tumbling gracefully down, balanced perfectly on one beautifully painted finger. Merry Christmas to you all. Cat, via email I ENJOYED the poem in your last issue (Courtney Sina’s Meredith) Chocolate & Watches, 185:40) and have replied in kind: ‘An Ode to Cuisine’ Tis the season to be jolly, As the family foodie I have to say golly, It is bloody hard to impress the rellies With MasterChef screening on the telly God bless Manu and Simon Gault, Although the problem is clearly their fault, The family wants mirror glazes and high tea, But it has to have no sugar, And be gluten and carb free! Try making panforte without any of that, Or a ham without salt, a galette without fat, These foods are our history, each taste sensation Is perfected over years by each generation, A banquet of invention and innovation, With contributions from every nation, As each year passes we remember what has been, And await the new from our favourite magazine. Jann Ross, Auckland AS THE ONLY ham hater in my family, Ewan Sargent’s hilarious antiham rant (Hogging the Limelight, 185:39) really hit home for me. Now to convert the others! Margaret Francis, via email CORRECTION In the Champagne $100 & Under tasting pages of our November issue (185), an incorrect image of Charles de Cazanove Tête de Cuvée NV was published. The correct image is at right. We apologise for the error. Write to Cuisine by emailing